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How to Get a Graduate Job After Graduation

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University is a great time to get involved in experiences that will help in securing your dream graduate job.

Take On A Responsible Role

Being the leader of a society, or in a position of responsibility in a society or the student’s union, shows employers that you are capable of leading. It will give you great work experience to talk about in interviews, and enhance your CV.

Social Media

Creating a strong profile on LinkedIn will help your job hunt immensely. It’s also worth checking your privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter and any other social media accounts you have. Getting involved with Pinterest and Instagram is a great idea if you’re looking for a job in the creative industries – follow what’s going on in the industry, and contribute.

Get Part-Time Work

Getting a part-time job gives you experience, stories, and the facts and figures to back up your graduate CV. You also never know who you’ll meet through your work – good connections can be the difference to getting employed easily or not.


Volunteering abroad is not only a great experience for you, it looks great to employers. Volunteering locally looks equally impressive – approach your university and local charities to gain relevant industry experience and make useful connections.


If you’re thinking about a career in PR, marketing, or editorial this is particularly relevant. Improve and promote your writing skills by starting – and sticking with – your own blog. It shows potential employers that you’re willing to invest time and effort into a project that develops your skills and gets you exposure. While blogging use Google Analytics to track your progress, and use these stats in interviews – if you hit a large number of sessions on your site it will impress interviewers highly.

Play A Sport

Whether it’s to represent your university at national and international competitions or just playing for fun, playing a sport shows future employers you’re proactive, a team player, and passionate about something other than work or education.

Make The Most Of Media

There are many opportunities to get involved with university media outlets that can boost your job prospects. Some examples are: writing for the university newspaper, hosting or producing a university radio/TV show or getting involved in the annual fashion show.


Sales is some of the best experience you can get. Things like selling tickets for university events develops your relationship building and negotiation skills, and is experience you can talk about in interviews. Most careers involve working with people, so being able to show future employers that you can communicate effectively is very helpful in the hunt for a job.

Start Your Own Business

This may sound like a huge undertaking, but it can be part-time. Tutor other students, sell things on eBay, get involved in competitions seeking entrepreneurs and put your ideas forward to gain feedback, visibility in the industry, media and potentially funding.

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